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Guarantee Software

A1 Enterprise guarantee software will integrate with an ERP accounting software to capture cost, pricing, and extended pricing details and eliminate redundant data entry requirements between multiple software systems. As guarantees can generate income for a business, they can also create part and labor liabilities for repair and replacement parts or products. Guarantee claim payment processes and guarantee contract renewals will integrate with accounting the ERP system to report overall guarantee management activity in balance sheet and P & L reports. Guarantee software with accounting integration will add approval and audit layers of guarantee payment validation and guarantee claim approval steps.<< MORE >>

Natural Disaster Recovery Software

Natural disaster recovery software by A1 Enterprise has evolved this past year with many enhancements during the 2013 development cycle. New natural disaster recovery management features and additional hosting platform gives organizations ways to request rapid deployment for immediate setup of natural disaster recovery efforts and supporting software. Upgrades give options for use globally, and in countries around the world that suffer from the consequences of either human-made or natural disasters. Complex software systems can take months to deploy, however, with A1 Tracker upgrades and new hosting features A1 Enterprise can setup natural disaster recovery software systems to meet critical deadlines and time-sensitive situations.<< MORE >>

How to Select Contract Software

How to Select Contract Software

Contract software selection can be time consuming however when measuring the cost benefit after having implemented the right contract software for your business makes the entire process worth while. Starting with a contract software requirements document that lists required and optional features, must have features and optional features, can help narrow down the vendor selection process. Understanding contract workflow needs is a key part of this requirements gathering process. When assessing contract software workflow requirements, it helps to involve multiple departments involved in contract administration. These departments can include finance, legal, human resources, sales, and customer service. As more contracts are in circulation it becomes increasingly difficult to track contract expire dates, contract documents, and responsible parties for contract review, approval, and follow up. For many companies this process is done  manually, via email and fax and is very time consuming. Additional time and unnecessary contract management steps can result in inaccuracies or omitted contract action items. This often leads to an increase in contract liabilities and additional required oversight. The contract software selection process may not at first seem like a necessary part of reviewing and selecting the right contract software however this ultimately leads to assurance that your business invests in the best-fit software that meets your requirements.

Contract Software Customization & Service

Part of the contract software selection process should also cover how end-user and contract administration training will be accounted for, both by the vendor and internally on an ongoing basis for new contract management team members or external users if such resources are to utilize the software. The contract software SLA (Service License Agreement) is a key piece to reviewing contract software vendors, what’s covered as part of the service and what levels of support are available. This includes hosting models, backups, contract software security, and of course cost structure. All businesses deal with contracts, whether small or large, and contract software requirements documents often differ by industry, size of the organization, and contract processing volume. Contract software vendors may sometimes adapt their software to meet certain for your organization that’s not included with the base package, and the costs of such modifications should also be reviewed during the contract software selection process.

Contract Software - Hosted Vs. On-Premise

IT departments have a vested interested in ensuring company data integrity is maintained and users have access to critical business resources. The debate over whether contract software should be hosted or on-premise is often a confusing question. Contract software can in fact be installed on-premise while at the same time still offer the benefits and accessibility of a web-based software. Installed software requires workstation installation, where the contract software is installed onto individual workstations. Installed contract software often has mandatory requirements such as certain operating systems and versions where web-based contract software has fewer restrictions. How upgrades are distributed to workstations is another question an IT department would be involved with, as the cost of contract software extends beyond the actual cost of the software but also includes what other technologies are required for the software to function and what level of support and maintenance is required by IT departments. Sometimes contract software hidden IT support costs overrun the actual cost of the software, which is not discovered until a purchase commitment is made for a specific software and decision makers neglected to consider how much IT support would be required to maintain and update the contract software for workstations.

Contract Software Security & User Access Control

It’s typically easier to control user access in a web-based contract software, therefore this option is ideal for companies requiring multiple users to access the system and add or review contracts. Tracking contract issues may require certain levels of customer or vendor access. Contract managers in various departments or levels in the company may require access to certain contract records as well, based on their level of authority in the company. Contract access controls would be a necessary section in the contract software requirements document, and cover both contract security as well as which users are responsible for various steps in contract approval processes.

Contract Software Versatility

The original need for contract software may come from a contract manager or department based on certain types of contracts for that given contract manager or department, such as human resources or finance & vendor management. It may well be the case that other departments within your organization share the same set of contract management problems that can be solved with the same contract software implementation. The properties of a lease agreement, rental contract, service center contract, supplier contract, and customer service contract share many similar properties. This sharing of properties can strengthen the return on investment for a contract software implementation and give people in the company a consistent and standardized method for processing contracts of all types. Other types of contracts that may share similar properties include facilities maintenance contracts, certificates of insurance, and work agreements.

If your organization has not before considered drafting a software requirements document and is in the process of selecting software, you may consider engaging a temporary 3rd party IT resource to help facilitate a software needs assessment. Such a resource with experience and expertise in this matter increases your chances of maximum benefit of the time and money invested ...<< MORE >>

Natural Disaster Claims Management Software

Claims management data is not always precise and is often fragmented and inaccurate. Natural disaster claims management software assists Insurance companies and adjusters in estimating economic and social impacts caused by a natural disaster. Natural disaster claims recovery analysis focuses specifically on catastrophic events like hurricane, floods, earthquakes and landslides to quantify many adverse effects which impact local and dependent economies and human health as it relates to event-related deaths or injuries, and damages to commercial and residential structures, and municipal infrastructures.<< MORE >>

SharePoint Work Flow Automation

A1 Enterprise has deployed a custom SharePoint work flow & automation system for a key construction client. SharePoint work flow automation includes document versioning control, user approval work flow, custom SharePoint screens for document uploads and changes. This is a full design-build system that will be self-hosted, designed with the waterfall software development methodology. Specific SharePoint work flow automation requirements address file deletes, file retention, and SharePoint document log reporting. A1 Enterprise can also combine enterprise search software with SharePoint to save thousands of dollars in federated document search licensing, hardware, and litigation discovery fees.<< MORE >>

Workers Compensation Software | Insurance Software

An effective way to minimize insurance claim litigation is to thoroughly document relevent claim data and maintain throughout the lifecycle of the insurance claim. Workers comp software includes features for collecting work comp claim information from all parties including those injured and witnesses from a secure device via a corporate web site.<< MORE >>

Hazard Tracking Software | Cloud Accident Prevention Software

Accident prevention software tracks injuries, accidents, and insurance related information. Accident software can also help prevent injuries and accidents by allowing people to report hazards before an injury or accident occurs. A1 Enterprise completed phase I of a new Hazard Tracking Software which is scheduled for release May 1, 2012 to help organizations strengthen their accident prevention programs. Accident prevention software with cloud hazard reporting is a secure online software that gives employees and the public if needed to report hazardous conditions at a project job site or business location. Hazards may be submitted online from any laptop, mobile device, laptop, or computer workstation and risk managers are then to assign resolution tasks to local supervisors to take corrective actions or commit to a corrective action date.<< MORE >>

Environmental Claims | Planet Earth Vs. Deadly Businesses

The priorities of "modern" life often blur our perception of how our day-to-day business, both personal business and professional business, impact the world around us. Considering the countless celebrities, politicians, companies, and non profits that promote Green - ness and environmentalism, how is it that in 2012, the year of the Space Odyssey, we are unable as a species to contain our garbage?<< MORE >>

Sales CRM Software | Lead Tracking Software | Cloud Contact Software

Lead tracking software in the cloud with private labeling options gives a business a variety of branded sales lead notifications and online sales lead capture pages to drive sales using consistent product branding. With enhanced CRM sales software, sales locations use cloud lead capture forms that inherit sales location or product specific branding from referring web sites or sales distributors. CRM sales software captures referring site sales codes. Sales lead management software is critical for maintaining organized lead and sales work flow. Correctly assigned sales leads keep sales staff well organized and increases sales management productivity.<< MORE >>

CRM Software Lead Management Software | Sales CRM Software

Sales CRM software has built-in features for private labeling for both the company and it's individual distributor sales offices that generate leads in their local regions. With enhanced CRM software flexibility, regional sales offices can utilize a single CRM lead capture form that adapts branding from the referring web site, in addition to capturing referring sales tracking codes for distributors and sales offices. Reliable sales and CRM lead management software is vital for maintaining credibility of independent sales reps as well as inside sales staff and sales managers. Knowing sales resources will be assigned to their accounts and correctly compensated for the sales opportunities managed puts sales staff at ease and increases sales management productivity.<< MORE >>

Warranty Software | Guarantee Software

Another useful deployment of cloud warranty software, such as product warranty software, tracks customer and product information including specific inventory information, date of the order, troubleshooting, shipping / return information, use conditions. Product warranty software is similar to work warranty software in that they both handle faults, errors, and/or omissions in a service agreement or product.<< MORE >>

Law Software | Cloud Attorney Software

The best way to evaluate law software programs to first identify what works best for your type of law speciality and case management. Our law software well adapts to any type of law practice and case management requirements, whether involving corporate law, wrongful acts, criminal defense law, or environmental law. We provide a full host of cloud law software features including mail merge, user permissions, online law forms, legal notices, law firm templates, and email notifications. Your law firm can create branded templates and legal documents and send via fax or email to legal parties, including defendants, attorneys, witnesses, and prosecutors.<< MORE >>

Contract Management Software & Cloud Contract Cost Control Software

A1 Contract Tracker cloud contract management software provides a solid foundation to manage contract management data online at the lowest level of contract detail. Strong contract management systems and processes ensure the most successful contract involves: accountability for contract performance and a tool from which to base sound contract management decisions. A1 Contract Tracker cloud contract management software assumes a contract manager takes full advantage of the available cloud contract management software features. In doing so hold all contract vendors and resources accountable for contract requirements and contract costs.<< MORE >>

Claims Management Software | Solutions For Claims Processing

Cloud claims management software gives a quick setup turn around time and user-friendly claims software training & support. Claim data import options are available, and your company balance sheet will also appreciate the no setup cost or up front financial investment for a new claims management software deployment. Claims management software users will appreciate how convenient the claims management process can be with secure online cloud claims forms for quick claim filing forms and document downloads. If submitting customer claims, product claims, asset claims, occupational injury claims, service claims, or warranty claims, claims management software provides private labeling for claims software forms with web site brand-consistency. Executive management and risk managers will appreciate on-time and on-demand claim reports.<< MORE >>

Government Contract Software for Government Contract Management

If seeking ways to increase government operational efficiencies, integrate government contract software into a government web site allowing vendor access, document uploads, and insurance renewals, government contract software has options available for web site integration. We offer secure server hosting options that accommodate government IT contract data requirements, with fully hosted and self-hosted secure contract software hosting options. The government entity may host the contract software data, files, and application from inside their IT data center.<< MORE >>

Hospital Contract Software for Hospital Contract Management

Hospital contract software examples may include physician agreements, leases, insurance policies, transfer contracts, maintenance contracts, service contracts, educational, intern, and residency contracts. Hospital contract software can customize hospital contract software to meet specific contract needs by contract type, category, or contract party by adding custom fields, drop downs, and contract software email merge and document templates. Hospital contract renewals send contract administrators branded and timely contract renewal notices to prevent contract lapses or contract disputes.<< MORE >>

Commercial Construction Software | Risk Management Software

Commercial construction software for commercial construction simplifies the management process, giving flexibility to commercial construction project managers. Risk management software for construction is instrumental in reducing construction overhead costs, including industrial and heavy civil construction. Commercial risk management software caters to a variety of construction projects including shopping centers, hotels, plazas, resorts, casinos, government buildings, college campuses, and corporate campuses to name a few. In the middle of a project and looking for ways to reduce your construction overhead costs and improve construction risk management? We deploy your construction risk software with a tailored approach, to address your specific types of risk. Free data imports are also provided, to reduce data setup and implementation time. Risk software data imports can include construction budgets, phases, construction parties, construction contracts, and insurance limits of liability and related costs.<< MORE >>

Class Action Claims Software | Litigation Claims Software

This structure may include document templates, claimant filing instructions, and notifications. Class action claims can involve different people for submitting claim reports, updating claims, providing document signatures, or product / damage information. When considering class action litigation claim control processes, a good first step is determining how to control the variety of user input methods to be used to capture claim information from end-user witnesses or claimants, as well as how to send that information to key parties. There are numerous methods available today that enhance the efficiency of class action claims, primarily due to improvements in technology and communication.<< MORE >>

Asset Software | Asset Claims Management Software

Asset software is ideal for tracking asset status, asset claims, asset costs, and value across a company. Asset software gives asset managers secure online access to how assets are being used, for what purpose, and by which business units. Asset software relates assets to people and their departments, allowing multiple party assignments to assets such as maintenance engineers, asset owners, asset leasing parties, and insurance companies providing asset coverages.<< MORE >>

Injury Claim Software | OSHA Injury Claims Management Software

Injury claim costs play a significant role in injury claims management software. Collect anticipated and actual injury cost data from various sources and interface with a general ledger accounting system. When it comes to the many variables in play with injury claims management software, our secure cloud-based software has what it takes to drive your injury claims tracking needs with highly-efficient and accessible online forms and automatic notifications.<< MORE >>

Transportation Claims Software & Safety Claims Software

Our user-friendly claims software frees organizational resources to focus more on preventing claims than existing claim maintenance, while still giving litigation resources the information needed for handling specific cases. Our tailored transportation claims data collection forms give parties secure online access to claim forms via their laptop or handheld device. If your organization has high volume claims and is looking to deploy a transportation claims software without additional burden on your IT resources, we handle 100% of your deployment and training, and offer complimentary data import for existing claims in process.<< MORE >>

Transportation Claims Software | Transportation Claims Management

Transportation claims software makes instantly accessible a process to simplify the rigorous claims administration process typically conducted by claims administrators and insurance companies. Claims research and management is in part to validate the legitimacy of claims, then defend against a transportation claim once in the litigation process. Transportation claims software reduces claim processing costs through claims automation and claim document accessibility. Transportation claims software also reduces the risk of transportation claims by giving transportation managers a "big picture" perspective on the types of transportation claims that occur and their variables. Reducing transportation claims also plays a key role in the longevity for a transportation company, as transportation claim costs can far outweigh preventative measures that could have been taken to reduce risk.<< MORE >>

Bond Software | Surety Bond Management Software

Bond software is ideal to generate bond documents and distribute electronically to obligees, sureties, and project management staff. Bond cost information can be broken down by premium, taxes, warranty premium, and amount distributed or retained. Bond software also tracks multiple key bond dates such as bond effective dates, warranty effective date, and bond expire date, and warranty expire date. Bond software administrators will setup email notifications giving advanced notice before bonds and bond warranties expire. Bond software will offer a seamless integration with contract software, where contracts may have several assigned bonds attached with APN numbers, project numbers, and contract numbers. Bonds may be grouped together where master project bonds may be issued then subsequent change order bonds are linked to a single master project bond.<< MORE >>

Natural Disaster Claims Software | Catastrophic Claims Software

Setting up a natural disaster claims software system for catastrophic events is key to a smooth recovery and claims management operation. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals involved in the recovery effort, including helping setup shelter, clean up, deliver food, health care, supply chain, and cost management. Civilians, suppliers, vendors, government entities, and insurance companies all participate at some level in a natural disaster recovery effort. The greater the organizational efficiency the lower the costs will be of managing the recovery efforts. This ensures more natural disaster recovery funds benefit the final clean up result rather than administrative procedures.<< MORE >>

Contract Software for Small Business Contract Management

Small business contract software for small businesses contract management is ideal to meet contract software needs for small businesses. Small business contract software includes reminder notifications, contract backups, contract data retention, and low-cost contract software licensing. We offer free setup and monthly, quarterly, and annual contract software pricing., a small business has an ideal opportunity to put claims software and contract software online and eliminate the need to track information in spreadsheets and paper format. Small business contract software gives small businesses the tools needed to give contract administrative users access to secure online documents and send contract software reminder notifications to various contract parties and contract administrators.<< MORE >>

Hotel Casino Resort Contract Software | Claims Software

Hotel, resort, and casino cost control contain many hidden management costs through construction development and ongoing operations. These costs stem from payroll, A/P check disbursements, document faxes, internal and external audits, and maintenance tracking. For the hotel, casino, and resort business, our Visa payroll card cost control product for example can save thousands of dollars per payroll period by having every employee receiving their paycheck through payroll direct deposit without having to maintain a bank account. Resort, casino, and hotel employees having no bank account can receive pay using your direct current deposit payroll service at no additional cost to the hotel, resort, or casino. Payroll to employees and payments vendors are as good as cash; and there is no further need to mail paper checks, cash paper checks, or deposit checks into employee bank accounts.

After the casino resort project is finished, some vendor contracts will be maintained for ongoing facilities maintenance. Facilities maintenance includes upkeep of the facility, as well as ongoing operational permits with the health & safety board, gaming board, and other regulatory bodies. The process of rolling out hotel resort contract software is made easy with online contract software. With little effort on your hotel business and no operational interruptions, we distribute contract software information to suppliers and vendors informing them of how contracts and contract claims will be submitted, giving you full control over your contract software and contract claims software processes. << MORE >>

Aviation Claims Software | Aerospace Claims Management Software

Aviation claims software offers customer brand recognition, assuring those involved in the claim experience brand consistency when managing or logging information against the claim. Aviation claims software with private labeling is key to maintaining end-user trust when they process claims, especially when submitting personal information. This key customer has several options available to run on-demand aviation claim reports by claimants involved, supervisor involvement, assigned insurance policy, the nature of the claim, and cost of damages.<< MORE >>

Claims Processing Software and Enterprise Claim Software

A1 Enterprise is rolling out a new claims software web-entry feature so end users can submit claims via a corporate web site. Claims software web-entry features require no login or password while significantly simplifying and reducing time spend processing claims by on average 65%. Claim software web-entry may include documents, signatures, witnesses information, contact persons, insurance details, product warranty details, or customer information. All necessary information related to claim processing may be submitted with one online form. A1 Tracker claim processing software can trigger claim software email updates and notices so key administrators or legal staff can follow up and monitor the claim status and information updates. This can minimize disputes, regulatory fines, and legal costs while helping make corrective course of actions in a timely manner.<< MORE >>

AIS Insurance Web Site

AIS Insurance has been in business for over 30 years. Founded in 1979 by President & CEO Edward W. Chin, AIS brings "big guy benefits to the little guy". With AIS, both group insurance and individual insurance is accessible and affordable no matter how many subscribers enroll. Mr. Chin created associations CARA I and CARA II, and a one-of-a-kind billing system that enables AIS to bill for multiple carriers down to one on a single invoice. AIS has remained dedicated to its fundamentals, and always dreams up new ways to make things easier for agents and their customers. For more information visit the AIS web site.<< MORE >>

Contract Software | Enterprise Contract Management Software

A1 Tracker was designed as a cost-effective contract management software solution saving thousands of dollars in implementation and customization time. With a fast 24-hour (next business day) setup time, and contract software data import options, we make contract software easy and affordable for both large and small businesses.<< MORE >>

Insurance Software | Insurance Billing Software

Insurance software by A1 Enterprise will have a 2nd beta release including phase 2 objectives in early 2012. A1 Enterprise insurance software gives insurance organizations and their end-user highly efficient and customizable software tools to track insurance renewals, premiums, commissions, and sales in a secure cloud-based platform. A1 Enterprise has built a unique, and highly flexible insurance software system that will accommodate electronic insurance statements via email, a customer portal, insurance agent portal, and administrative portal.<< MORE >>

Bond Software Bond Management Systems

The first A1 Enterprise custom bond software system also takes place in early 2012. A1 Enterprise will implement a tailored bond management software to a local municipality in Southern California, providing custom bond software system supporting cloud-based software objectives. Custom bond software integrates with a cloud-based contract software, sharing bond software and contract software documents, contacts, and permissions.<< MORE >>

Contract Software | Enterprise Contract Management Software

Enterprise contract software makes contract documents and data available to your entire company with security options so contract staff sees specific contract data needed. Our flexible enterprise contract software user roles, permissions, and security offers multiple layers of user security for read-only, edit, and add. Your contract and risk managers can reduce contract software and administration costs by using our contract document feature to create contracts in in formats for email and print distribution.<< MORE >>

Risk Software & Enterprise Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software

Risk Software by A1 Enterprise has a host of integrated risk management software features to manage risk and costs of risk at various levels in an organization. Risk software includes insurance policies, contract documents, contract management, insurance claims, warranty contracts, insurance limits, 3rd party liability claims, employee injury claims, and auto, equipment, or asset claims.
The cost of risk and risk management factors help risk managers make allocate risk and appropriate measures of coverage, retainers, and self-insured retention. A1 Enterprise risk management software also helps more clearly define risk management policy for a business or government entity, and distribute this risk management policy to employees and management staff.

The impact of enterprise risk management is tailored and built custom for your organizational risk management needs with full online risk management software accessible 24/7.

Contact us for more information on risk software.
...<< MORE >>

Bond Software | Bond Software & Management

Bond software for bond management maintains bonds issuances, bond renewals, bond processing, and bond terminations online for business and enterprise risk management. Bonds software by A1 Tracker tracks bond history including bond premiums and fees. A1 Enterprise bonds software may also issue bond-related documents using branded templates such as bond letterhead and bond email templates. If issuing bonds to multiple parties, such as contractors, sureties, owners, and insurance adjusters, A1 Tracker bond software can process bond renewals and bond reminders at intervals set by the bond software administrator.<< MORE >>

Bond Management Software | Bonds Software

Bonds software by A1 Enterprise is a secure online bond management software to track various bond types including surety bonds, contract bonds, warranty bonds, and performance bonds. A1 Enterprise bonds management software has been approved for implementation by a city municipality in Southern California. Bond software features include file attachments, bond expenses, bond parties, renewal, expire, and follow up notifications, and bond document templates. A1 Enterprise will also customize bonds management software to meet specific bond management software requirements.<< MORE >>

Contract Software | Risk Software Implementation

Contract software and risk software has been approved for a hospital implementation in Southern California. Contract software will be customized and self-hosted to meet strict hospital contract software security requirements. A1 Enterprise will import existing contract data from spreadsheets and provide a secure, encrypted online contract software for key contract management staff.<< MORE >>

Contract Software | Claims Software | for Aviation

Contract software and claims software by A1 Tracker has just launched for an East Coast aviation manufacturer. Integrated claims software and contract software will help facilitate the claims management process including product claims, 3rd party claims, asset claims, and employee injury claims. Contract software integration will help manage vendor contracts, service agreements, and insurance policy renewals. The insurance policy software module links claims, contracts, and insurance policies together to ensure smooth and user friendly claims processing and insurance renewal processing.<< MORE >>

IT Project Management Software

IT project management software helps IT departments track and manage IT projects, costs, budgets, and documents. IT project management software helps IT departments break projects down by various business units within an organization, their customers, IT project resources, and request and approval forms. A1 Tracker IT project management software, provides IT departments with many useful features such as custom project management forms for project requests, sign off forms, quality assurance forms, and completion forms.

IT project software by A1 Tracker is made easy with IT project reminder emails, follow up notifications, project and task assignments, and budget approvals and requests. A1 Enterprise provides full IT project software training  for IT personnel to ensure the setup is smooth and meets all  IT process guidelines and policy.

Contact us for a demo or for more information on IT project management software.

...<< MORE >>

Operational Risk Management Software

Operational risk management software integrates different aspects of operational risk management into a single risk management software system. This allows for highly flexible risk management tracking for risk managers, including various categories of categories, types of risk, risk classifications, and costs associated with risk.

When looking for and evaluating operational risk management, it is beneficial to the organization to include various departments, such as public relations, corporate communications, IT, human resources, and insurance.Operational risk management software will bridge the gap between your company business units, departments, locations, staff, and general public. Whether tracking 3rd party liability insurance claims, litigation claims, employee injury claims, damaged vehicles, theft, or other losses, A1 Enterprise will work with you to ensure your operational risk software needs are met by training your risk management staff on recording insurance and claim-related information.

Contact us for more information on operational risk management software.
...<< MORE >>

How to Select a Project Manager

Selecting a project manager for your project is like putting the fate of your company and your customer into another person's hands. Although a project manager interview and hiring process seem simple enough, project manager selection significantly impacts your organization and those your organization serves. The project manager you select must be evaluated from various multiple angles to ensure that the selected project manager is truly reliable and capable of motivating all parties managed on the project to perform equal to or greater than your expectations. A good rule of thumb is to hire a project manager that is "smarter" than you so you can depend on that project manager to handle every project management situation that comes up so you don't have to. Although this may not seem entirely realistic, reaching for such a goal will only help ensure you wind up with a project manager that is likely to leave your project and company in a far better position than it was when you originally selected that project manager. Hiring anyone involves not only industry skills and background checks but psychology and communication are of equal importance. Sometimes, psychology and communication are more important than resume line items pertaining to the project industry.<< MORE >>

How to Select Project Management Software

Selecting a project management software for your projects takes work, planning, and careful strategy. All too often project management software and the project management software selection process is grossly oversimplified. There are many factors to be considered when selecting project management software and, although those factors vary in details from project to project, there are standard considerations to keep in mind regardless of the project or industry. Often a project management software company will sell a project management software without truly understanding why the organization needs the project management software and what problems the company expects to solve in using project management software. << MORE >>

Contract Software | Contract Management Email Renewal Notifications

A1 Tracker released a new email reminder notification and email template module for contract management, contact management, and risk management software. This feature will further streamlines contract and follow up email reminder and renewal process, and ensure follow ups remain on time. The amount of time employees may spend to setup and report on follow up dates is significantly reduced with this new module. With a time savings ranging as much as 80%, our automated email reminder and email template feature will sends on time follow ups to customers, vendors, employees, and managers when an action or follow up is required.<< MORE >>

A1 Enterprise is now on LinkedIn

A1 Enterprise is now on LinkedIn. Help us meet our mission in providing sustainable products that help the community and businesses alike in conserving environmental resources in going green, consuming less paper, and lowering carbon footprint. Our software, direct deposit cards, and financial services support municipalities, private corporations, non-profits, church groups, and consumers.

...<< MORE >>

Claims Processing Software Implementation for Auto Claims

Claims tracking software has rolled out to a key customer in Houston, TX to help streamline and process claims electronically and save paperwork, faxing, and processing time with paper mail. A1 Tracker for claims management systems provides an online claims tracking system where claims administrators can report on claims and losses, download file attachments of claims and auto damages, and share claims documentation and photos. Managing a claims system is simplified with ongoing notes when tracking a claim, and posting updates on claims investigation and claim history. A1 Tracker for claims allows anyone to access the claims management website with a secure user name and password, including internal company claims administrators, insurance claims staff, and investigation or legal staff.<< MORE >>

Customer Reservation Software Implementation

A1 Tracker has implemented a new online customer reservation software that fully integrates with a key customer web site. Our customer reservation software allows customers of this company to visit their web site and complete a customer reservation form and have a reservation email send to customer service staff to follow up and process the customer reservation. The reservation form is private labeled with the company logo, as well as branded email notification templates. Email notifications may also be set to automatically send when a reservation follow up or reservation payment is due, along with payment integration. Pricing for customer reservation software gives a business an ROI of 2-3 month after implementation, where manually processing customer reservations in person, by phone, or via mail may be reduced or eliminated.<< MORE >>

Green Business | Going Green | Corporate Sustainability Planning

Green business ideas and practices by A1 Enterprise bring a host of sustainable business solutions for Green Business Solutions businesses that include green fuel, wind energy, solar energy, software technology, electronic direct deposit, and paperless contract and project management. Going green and corporate sustainability does not stop at using green business products. Green business sustainability extends into setting up sustainable business relationships with employees, contractors, and vendors. A green business model contains a unique sustainable business "ecosystem" where all parties involved in the business experience a win-win benefit, whether in direct profitability or reduced carbon footprints.<< MORE >>

Claims Software for Claims Management | by A1 Enterprise

Claims often have follow up due dates involving certain parties to take a course of action in sequence. A1 Tracker for claims tracking tracks scheduled claims follow up reminder notifications, claim notes, and even mail merge. A1 Tracker also has an electronic claim signature feature for your claim parties to sign claim documents electronically, to reduce fax, scanning, and paper mailings. Claim forms and claim documents can be categories by claim type and document type to ensure they are well organized and follow a standard structure for smooth and uniform claim processing. Once using A1 Tracker for claims tracking, your claim management and processing costs will will reveal that you can get more done with less effort.<< MORE >>

Insurance Claims Software for Claims Tracking Systems | by A1 Enterprise

Insurance claims software increases claims processing efficiency and greater stability in an organizational claims and risk management program. Our insurance claims system is environmentally friendly and eliminates the needs for paper insurance claim documents. We have rolled out new features to better handle the insurance claims processing which expedite the claims process with insurance carriers and their insurance customers, as well as claim parties. For claimants, our claims software dramatically reduces claim processing time, by making it real time or when a claim administrator decides at the click of a button. Real time insurance claim costs offer companies current claim cost figures so they can budget accordingly on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Our insurance claim system also has built-in templates for claimant emailing notifications, insurance carrier templates, and administrative templates for employee and supervisor communication.<< MORE >>

Digital Signatures | Electronic Signatures | ESignatures by A1 Tracker

A1 Enterprise has added a new feature in A1 Tracker for electronic signatures. With this new feature, customers can have users use digital signatures to esign documents and contracts online, rather than faxing and scanning or mailing signed paper documents. This saves significant time when processing signature documents such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and virtually any document that requires a signature. A1 Tracker electronic digital signature software also includes an audit process where a document manager may check the signature to verify it was digitally signed correctly by auditing the esignature, or signs off that the document was in fact esigned correctly. For documents that require multiple signatures, A1 Tracker may also have multiple digital signatures as a customization for more complex electronic signature processes.<< MORE >>

Claims Management Software by A1 Enterprise

Claims software not only increases business efficiency for companies who do claims processing, but gives an organization more growth potential to process higher volumes of claims without increased claims processing staff. Additionally, claims software provides organizations with environmental friendly business solutions that reduce paper printing and therefore the need to fax and mail paper documents. A1 Enterprise is working with a key customer to release a new custom module for claims tracking software. This claims software will dramatically reduce the time required for claims processing and submitting claim documents to insurance companies. A module in A1 Tracker will be tailored to meet customer-specific claim management needs including private labeling, claim processing alerts and notifications, and document emails. Additional claim management features will also include tracking claim costs, claim invoices, and claim estimates. A1 Tracker for claims management gives customers options of adding unlimited parties involved in a claim, such as multiple insurance companies, multiple claimants, estimators, lawyers, insurance adjusters, health care providers, and 3rd party claim witnesses. This customer will have options to sort and prioritize claims based on claim severity, claim type, and need for follow up. Claim processing administrators will receive reminders and alerts when a claim is due for follow up or claim liability expires. Custom notifications and alerts may also be added based on unique claim circumstances based on the claim parties involved.<< MORE >>

Insurance Software | Insurance Policy Software | Renewal Software for Insurance Agents

Insurance software transforms paper insurance processes into efficient and paperless electronic insurance processes. Some insurance processes that insurance software covers include insurance renewal, policy billing, agent commissions, policy premiums, and policy billing rates. Software for modules can replace cumbersome insurance policy related paperwork, faxing, and mailings. Client billing and payments for insurance policies should be automated and electronic wherever possible, to both reduce costs for the insurance agent, which then keeps insurance policy premiums lower for clients.
an insurance software can also incorporate cross selling product marketing advertising to it's insurance sales agents, customers, and potential customers by keeping new products introduced into the sales network via their web site and insurance software login screens. In the event an insurance agent, existing insurance policy holder, new insurance prospective client, or former insurance client, the ability to interact with the insurance company new product releases and benefits helps retain the maximum number of customers while sourcing new customers, and with minimal marketing effort.
Software for insurance agents is critical to keeping insurance agent businesses healthy, and client premiums low. If an insurance agent still uses paper for insurance renewal processing, policy terminations, premium billing, or agent commissions, it's time to consider using software for insurance agents to replace paper mailings, forms, and faxes. ... << MORE >>

Credit Repair Software by A1 Enterprise

A1 Enterprise has been approved by a key customer to add new custom module in A1 Tracker. This module will include credit repair software for customers using credit restoration services to reach target credit score goals to meet specific credit objectives. A1 Tracker will, in late 2010, provide this customer with fully customized credit restoration charts and graphs while tracking credit restoration and performance. This credit recovery software will also track tasks, documents, and service agreements of credit restoration customers. A1 Tracker's new credit repair software module will be fully web based and therefore integrate with the customer web site for online customer registration.<< MORE >>

Billing Software and Commission Accounting Software

A1 Enterprise initiated a beta release of a new billing software which includes commission software for accounting. A1 Enterprise custom designed this software to suit multiple business requirements for an insurance company and third party billing and administrative services. This software will replace a legacy insurance billing and commission software before December 2010. Having custom designed this billing and commission software, the A1 Enterprise design team intensely considered multiple complex angles on how to maximize efficiency for billing and commission data as well as how people will experience and use the software. This software may be used to bill multiple products to a customer on a single invoice, while paying multiple product commissions at varying commission structures to one or more sales reps with any number of rep levels and commission overrides.<< MORE >>

Custom Contact Management Software CRM | A1 Enterprise Contact Software

Custom contact management software gives a business options to customize the customer service software, thereby adapting it to best suit more unique needs of the, such as having custom fields, contact forms, contact electronic signatures, and online contact registration or renewal. There are always certain allowances given in contact management software by the contact software vendor, enabling the business to customize the software, however the business should review the contact software and ensure the contact management meets both present and, where possible, foreseeable business needs. << MORE >>

Private Label Customer Service Software | Private Label Software | A1 Enterprise Software

A1 Enterprise has now provides businesses with a new marketing edge with private labeled customer service software. Private label customer service software gives a business a new marketing tool to promote the company brand with both employees and customers. Private label customer service software may link to a company web site, giving the business a back-office customer software that a customer populates with a customer sign up form.<< MORE >>

Customer Service Software | Online Customer Service Software

Every business benefits from an online customer service software by reducing the amount of time it takes employees to search for customer information when a customer calls, or when further investigating a customer account and history. Customer service software typically has a follow up feature, giving staff a means to remind each other of customer follow up dates required for product inquiries, status reports, or customer leads. A business reduces paperwork and storage space when using a follow up reminder software, because customer information no longer requires customer forms or customer file folders. A business will also find the best value in customer service software when using an online customer service software. << MORE >>

Contract Management Software by A1 Enterprise

A new version of contract management software by A1 Enterprise has released into beta. With careful design methods and contract management research, A1 Enterprise built on the strengths of A1 Tracker, transforming legacy software weaknesses and limitations into strong competitive advantages with user-rich features. Since December 2009, A1 Enterprise has undertaken a full re-design of A1 Tracker, including a new technology platform to support countless new features. This new platform gives our contract management software far greater flexibility than it has had since inception in March 2004. The structure of A1 Tracker for contract tracking gives customers the option to fully customize their contract management software. A1 Enterprise adds additional value by offering low cost and customer-specific modules. A1 Enterprise fully tailors these custom modules to suit unique contract tracking software needs without changing existing code or creating new software. This gives gives customers the custom contract management solutions needed without incurring the costs of having it developed internally or by a 3rd party software vendor. This also reduces implementation time by an average of 85%.<< MORE >>

Risk Management Software | Risk Management

Risk management software takes many different forms and may involve various features that relate to each other. Risk management software should give a business the ability to identify various aspects, or components of risk, past, present, and future. Risk management software should come with certain basic risk management features, such as costs of risk, contract management software, insurance renewal management, workplace injury tracking, and insurance claims management to name a few. Ideally, risk management software should also provide for some level of integration with other existing software, such as an accounting software, so some risk management data may pull from other data and software sources from within the company and to reduce data input time from risk management staff. As a business changes over time, so do the risk management software needs of the company. This provides a good reason why the a risk management software must remain highly flexible, adapting to changes in risk and risk management practices within the organization. In some cases, risk management software must allow 3rd parties to access risk management data as well, such as law firms, accounting firms, auditors, vendors, and consultants to the company. By consolidating access to risk management software into one risk management software system, a business increases the level of operational efficiency and accuracy when transmitting documents to other parties. Risk management software reduces the liability of missed follow ups, lost documents, document or contract disputes, and therefore subsequent legal actions for or against the company. Good risk management software will also provide a business with a pro-active means to support a legal action against another party should a dispute occur and participants of the risk management software utilized the risk software for its intended purpose over time.<< MORE >>

Commission Management Software | Commission Tracking Software

Commission management software helps businesses with sales commission tracking. A business leverage a commission management software to maximize the benefits gained from various features a commission tracking software has to offer. When evaluating a commission tracking software, often a business will consider their current product lines that require commission tracking. Sometimes, a business will consider past product lines, however less frequently will a business consider anticipated product lines and for good reason that the company has not yet considered or developed such new products.

A1 Enterprise has spent the past 2 years in product development for a new commission management software that provides a solution for businesses that have product lines that change over time. Many aspects of a business can change when a business introduces new product lines. These aspects may include types of people who access data, vendors, document types, commission amounts, sales agents, wholesale product distributors, and commission splits. With the number of exceptions and overrides that can occur, for example, with commission splits when new products launch accompanied by new sales reps, accounting and sales staff could potentially miss critical commission management steps which could lead to incorrect commission payment amounts and missed commission payments. A1 Enterprise therefore has a commission tracking software scheduled to release in 2010, thereby bringing to the marketplace new commission tracking tools for accounting staff, sales reps, and management teams.

The intention of this new commission management software is to give a business the ability to track all product specifications, customer sales invoices, lead tracking, and product sales commissions in one system. Additionally, A1 Enterprise will integrate a product management module to help a business track the budgets and costs throughout product development. By combining product development management, sales tracking, and commission management software in a single software, a business can accurately quickly run real-time reports to measure their return on investment on any given product... << MORE >>

Insurance Software | Insurance Tracking Software

As an insurance business grows, the existing insurance business software may over time become over-extended due to the volume of data stored in the insurance business software. As insurance businesses and insurance markets changes over time, insurance businesses add various insurance products, and perhaps even non insurance products such as banking products and payroll products to the product line. As the tendency for a business to diversify over time by adding new products, the need for flexibility with an insurance software becomes increasingly vital. If an insurance business expands into multiple different product lines, and the business insurance software does not have the ability to have various new products added, the insurance business will react by starting new sets of paper business files, or purchase new software to adapt new products into the insurance business.<< MORE >>

Business Insurance Software | Insurance Tracking Software

Business insurance software helps businesses track insurance policies, insurance renewals, insurance carriers, and insurance billing. Insurance businesses or insurance departments within companies can streamline many different insurance process. Some of these insurance processes include insurance document transfers, insurance policy renewals, insurance policy terminations, and insurance billing. Each insurance business has it's own unique method for tracking insurance, and some already use an insurance tracking software. Some insurance businesses use spreadsheets or a combination of insurance software with spreadsheets for insurance tracking. Some still use paper file systems for insurance tracking. For those utilizing a paper file system, converting to business insurance software requires a different set of steps than those companies seeking to improve or upgrade their business insurance software.<< MORE >>

Green Business Services | Green Business Ideas | Paperless Business

Green Business Services and sustainable business ideas by A1 Enterprise focuses on a sustainable business model, utilizing resources most efficiently and maximizing energy and resources of an organization. A1 Enterprise utilizes business measurements to identify how a company spends its time and utilizes resources to reduce waste and promote a more environmentally-friendly and green business operation. There are three basic basic rewards for any business implementing green business ideas into your business model:

1. Environmentally friendly businesses create less waste, landfill, and carbon emissions. 2. Profits and funding goes farther as company funds are better maximized. 3. Business activity speeds up with greater employee efficiency and increased accuracy in reporting. << MORE >>

Contract Management Software | Contract Renewal Software

A1 Enterprise has implemented a contract management software system for a key customer in California. With a small group of senior executives requiring contract management tracking and reporting, A1 Enterprise rolled out a new contract management implementation for a health care customer to track insurance contracts and renewals. A1 Enterprise provided the necessary tools for software customizations to suit specific contract tracking needs for this customer, and A1 Tracker for Contract Management, for the most part, worked right off the shelf to meet the contract management needs of this customer. Once having setup a contract in the software, and set contract renewal notifications, A1 Tracker will remind the user when the contract comes due for renewal, for a status update, or termination. The company will no longer need to look for expiring contracts since the contract administrator setup the contract renewal process to notify on specific dates. << MORE >>

Claims Software | Claims Tracking | Claims Management

A1 Enterprise released a new claim tracking software module as part of a risk management software suite to better help companies track claims and related claim data. With this new module, risk management teams can document and share claim data online with those involved in the claim management process. Sharing claim information with other risk managers, insurance managers, damage estimators, insurance adjusters, layers, and claimants will expedite the claim update and process of organizing claim documents. Users can administer claim data in an online software and attach claim files such as faxes, pictures, and claim forms. In risk management, information sharing is critical to ensure a claim is processed and handled by the appropriate people throughout the life span of a claim. A1 Enterprise further simplifies the claim tracking process with this online claim software by allowing claim managers to assign injured employees, damaged vehicles or assets, and various contacts who play a part in a claim. Claims may be tracked and sorted from anywhere in the world with our new claim management software, and separate by claim type, status, or parties involved. Virtually all of your claim information will be at you fingertips.<< MORE >>

Charitable Contributions | Non Profit Donations | Donation Program

A1 Enterprise now offers a non-profit donation program. We have designed this program to support community-based and non profit organizations in the form of profit sharing charitable donations.To support these organizations, A1 Enterprise donates cash back to organizations that meet certain Association, Non Profit, or Public Agency requirements. A1 Enterprise uses a highly efficient green business model. Our resource management process and equipment utilization maintains lost cost with high efficiency. Our green business model has evolved since 2001, and therefore we are capable of sustaining non-profit donations via product profit sharing with key customers that implement A1 Enterprise products or services. Our products maintain alignment with many non-profit companies, helping individual consumers or businesses improve their quality of life, accountability, organizational skills, computer skills, financial management skills, and access to health care.<< MORE >>

Health Benefits Plan | Health Benefit Insurance | Affordable Health Plan

If you seek health benefits coverage for medical expenses for you or you family, and are unable to qualify for health insurance, this is the product for you. Our BMA Value Plus association benefits cover both you and your family regardless of your current insurance status or whether or not you qualify for health insurance. If you applied for a health insurance plan and are not satisfied with the health insurance plan premium rates, or if the health insurance company you applied with declined your application for health insurance, our plan is the right plan for you. Your application for our association membership will be approved regardless of a pre-existing condition, lifestyle habits, or prior lapses in health insurance coverage. << MORE >>

Employee Benefits | Employee Benefits Program

Our Health Advantage health and Rx drug card may be offered to employees and staff at no cost to the employee or the company. Employers looking for ways to provide competitive employee benefits while maintaining benefits costs will truly see value in this product for several reasons. First, this product may be used as a marketing tool for any company that rolls it out. We custom brand our Health Advantage Rx card at no cost, and place the customer logo and branding on the card and card brochure. As the card goes into circulation, the company has consistent free advertising. Second, staff that are not covered under the company employee benefits program will benefit because this product requires no employee contribution, no deductible, and no waiting period. Employees and staff may use this product whether or not they have health insurance. In some cases, health insurance does not cover prescription medication, or there is a deductible that must be met before health insurance covers prescription drugs. In any of these cases, employees may use our Health Advantage Rx card to receive up to 40% off pharmacy drug prices at over 50,000 drug pharmacies across the US. Additionally, your staff will receive up to 70% off mail order pharmacy drug prices. Additionally, employees may extend the benefits of our card to their family members, offering each of them usage of the card or a card of their own.<< MORE >>

A1 Enterprise Site Release | Health Card | Drug Card | Rx Card

A1 Enterprise released bringing another set of free Rx discounts and health benefits to both consumers and employees. Our Health Advantage discount Rx card offers card holders significant discounts on prescription drugs and prescription drug refills. Rx card holders can walk into any of our 50,000 pharmacies across the US to receive up to 40% discounts on Rx drugs. Our program also offers a mail order drug with home drug delivery which can increase drug discounts of up to 70%.<< MORE >>

Drug Card | Rx Card | Pharmacy | A1 Health Advantage Card

A1 Enterprise now offers a new Health Advantage drug card program. This free drug card provides card holders with substantial savings on prescription brand name and generic drugs. This drug card may be used even if you have health coverage – and is simply another way to save money on the cost of prescriptions. This drug card is all you need to receive a host of benefits for your entire household. You can use this drug card to save on purchases of prescriptions drugs as well, regardless of health coverage status and there is no upfront cost or other monthly fees to pay. Simply present your Health Advantage card at any of the thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide to receive your instant savings. Simply show your card to the pharmacist each time you or a family member fill or refill a prescription. There is no paperwork to complete and no limit on usage.<< MORE >>

Auto Claims Software | Auto Claims Tracking Software | Claims Software

A1 Enterprise rolled out A1 Tracker auto claim software for a car rental agency based in Texas. A1 Tracer provides a better way to track claims and share claim data with involved parties such as insurance staff, damage estimators, adjusters, and customer service associates. A1 Tracker claim software will allow the company to reduce faxed paperwork between customers, insurance companies, and repair shops, while tracing damaged automobiles and the associated repair costs. Claim images ensure claim documentation remains in place so responsible parties remain accountable for damage repairs thereby decreasing possible issues with claim litigation.<< MORE >>

Cost Control | Cost Control Software | Cost Management

When a business maintains vigilance in it's cost control policy during strong economic times, the business "culture" remains far stronger during weak economic times and is far more likely to survive. Every cost spent on work activity, whether marketing, product development, or labor, should not only provide the greatest value possible to the company but also include a history of the work done and log of the person or people responsible for doing the work. This ensures that the company can support, fix, and maintain the product once completed without having to spend a significant amount of overhead looking for documentation for the work submitted.

Good cost control programs ensure your managers and staff can access work archives with ease and from any location. Whether you are opening a new branch or business unit, expanding your company by adding new products or services, taking on new customers or employees, or even consolidating or reducing your overhead, a good cost control system will support your business objectives when properly designed.

A1 Enterprise cost control modeling is one of our specialties. We work with our customers to tailor a cost control model that fits your company and supports your business objectives and business transactions.

<< MORE >>

Cost Control Software | Cost Control Management | Cost Management Software

Cost control software is critical for cost control management. Every business has unique opportunities to better control costs and manage cost budgets. These opportunities are hidden in the details of day to day business activity such as task requests, manager reviews, requirements, time management, and cost management reporting.

In many cases, a business is not aware of all the aspects they can better apply a cost management software system. That's why A1 Enterprise works closely with a customer to analyze the business model and understand at a transactional level of detail, how what options a customer has to take full advantage of what cost control software offers.

Implementing cost control software can have a return on investment as quickly as 3 months, depending on the liabilities of the customer and the work in progress. This means profit goes up! The process of implementing cost control software may entail details the customer normally does not consider.

An additional benefit A1 Enterprise offers customers is customized implementations and custom features and enhancements. If your business has not found a means to fully utilize software, A1 Enterprise will work with your managers to ensure the features and screens of your software offer the highest value and make the most logical sense to the people in your company using the software. A1 Enterprise may also private label software for customers that are interested in marketing their brand throughout their user base.

Between customizing your cost control software to meet your unique business model and cost management needs, and providing a custom branded private label cost control software, your company can truly take full advantage of a cost control software you that was made with precision to fit your business.

<< MORE >>

Custom Project Software | A1 Enterprise Trademarks A1 Tracker for Software as Service

A1 Tracker is easy for your staff to understand and use, and may be extended to outside auditors, your customers, vendors, and suppliers. A1 Tracker is a management software that breaks down project processes such as budget requests, budget approvals, invoice submissions, plans and specifications, status updates, and cost audits in a way that allows each person to view project data most relevant to their role in the project. A1 Tracker benefits projects involving 5 people, or 300 people, and provides a consistent format for reporting costs, budgets.

A1 Enterprise is proud to offer our newly trademarked online project management software to businesses around the world and is now building a strong base of sales representatives to promote and market A1 Tracker. Businesses will appreciate the detailed accountability and controls that are built into A1 Tracker. Read more or contact us for more information. ...<< MORE >>

A1 Tracker | Contract Control Software | Project Control Software | Project Contract Control

There are many project management, project control, and contract control software vendors to choose from. When searching for a project control software for contract management, one of the most credible attributes for the software vendor is that the vendor uses their own software to manage projects. When a company uses the product the company markets and provides to customers, customers are ensured that the company will maintain and support the product because doing so is in both the company and customer's mutual interest.

Take the questions out of our project management software selection equation and realize a software company's performance with customer support, upgrades, and properly working features accelerate when that software company also depends on the same software the company markets. The A1 Tracker has been the project management software that has led A1 Enterprise into bringing resolve to project management issues since 2004. A1 Enterprise continued to refine A1 Tracker for 5 years before introducing A1 Tracker to the market for online project management and online contract management. This makes A1 Tracker and A1 Enterprise among the strongest case studies for project management and contract control. A1 Enterprise uses A1 Tracker to measure budget and cost performance of project resources, enabling stronger performing resources to be recognized for their project successes and identifying weaker performing resources and understanding how to improve those weaknesses for stronger over-all project outcomes. ...<< MORE >>

A1 Tracker for Online Sales CRM

In May 2009, A1 Enterprise released an update which allows A1 Tracker to be further extended into product and sales management. This online sales software makes it easy for sales reps to access online sales documents and sales support through a secured web site. Sales reps in multiple locations can login and view product brochures, product sales scripts, and specifications. Sales managers can publish press releases and product updates to help support sales activity and provide guidance to sales reps in the field. Sales managers can publish sales content which is then distributed to each sales rep with minimal effort. This process can save sales managers hours of emailing sales documents and content updates to sales reps. Sales managers can publish case studies, product brochures, or articles that support the sales process and agent understanding of new product developments. ...<< MORE >>

Project Management Software has International Currency Symbol for International Project Management

A1 Tracker is an online project management software offered by A1 Enterprise allowing project managers to access projects anytime and anywhere. Project managers can administer custom projects using custom project management screens because A1 Enterprise made this project management software very customizable. One of our newest features lets customers and project managers use any international currency symbol when managing projects. Since the A1 Tracker for project management and contract management now supports dynamic project currency symbols, any customer in any country may benefit from the convenience of using their native currency symbol or currency abbreviation. ...<< MORE >>

Hotel Construction Budget Control | Hotel Resort Budget Software | Casino Construction Cost Control Software

Need better construction project cost control or resort construction cost control software?

A1 Enterprise will work with your company to replace time consuming construction project cost control steps so people working on your hotel, resort, or casino construction project follow standard guidelines for project communication and record keeping. Our construction project control software targets hotel, resort, and casino budget control and construction project change control. We will help define a series of steps that make the most sense for your hotel resort construction project based on your available and the level of detail of record keeping desired for your hotel, resort, or casino construction cost control management.

A1 Enterprise will setup your existing current hotel, casino, or resort construction project data in an online project management software to help your company immediately take advantage of project efficiencies with no setup time on your part and minimal training time. We will also setup construction, hotel, resort, or casino project templates to help your company budget and manage future hotel-resort construction costs without having to go through project setup processes again. 

Our hotel construction budget software is ideal if your company seeks to implement hotel construction control now. We also provide accounting software integration with your construction cost accounting software to reduce accounting and financial transaction data entry, increase work efficiency, and improve accuracy of accounting data. ...<< MORE >>

Corporate Plan Control | Performance Control | Planning Control | Corporate Control

Corporate performance control and corporate planning control require pro-active thought and business analysis. Working with the necessary tools allow a company to maintain corporate plan control over how time and money is spent, and how corporate performance control is maintained. There are several key factors to consider with corporate plan control and corporate performance control:

  • How quickly information can reach employees or management?
  • How accessible and easy to find information is to employees or management?
  • How exposed corporate plan control systems are to employees, vendors, suppliers, vendors, and contractors?
  • How to corporate plan control and corporate performance control systems influence work ethic and work behavior?
  • What steps are involved in setting up corporate plan controls and corporate performance controls in a business?
  • How do the corporate performance controls and corporate planning controls impact company policy?
  • How do the corporate performance controls and corporate planning controls impact strategic planning?
  • Who benefits from the corporate performance controls and corporate planning controls and how?
  • How are corporate performance controls and corporate planning controls perceived throughout the company?
...<< MORE >>

Cost Control Software | Cost Controls | Cost Management Software

It is a great time for your business to find new and creative ways to use software cost control models to get the most out of your financial and labor resources.

If your businesses seeks a great cost control software, try out our online cost control software
which provides real time cost control for your business
or project. Cost control software must be set in place to ensure ensure time and money get used effectively and without dispute before costs reach a customer, an accounting system, or money is already spent.

The key to great cost control software is to have the cost control process visible and distributed to those performing work and reporting costs against budgets. It is imperative that cost control software hold accountable people to their budgets.

Customers who implement our cost control software will recognize considerable gains and more a fluid operational model. Once having our cost control software in place, customers take advantage of max budget control, change budget control, work unit tracking, and unit of materials tracking. Vendor and contractor invoices will be submitted and accompany cost control data and may be required to contact a manager once a cost control amount has been reached. ...<< MORE >>

Project Management Office | PMO Service | Project Management Service

Project management office (PMO Service) is the process by which a project manager and project resources share project information and communicate on project issues. Project management office may be broken down in any number of ways, depending on the type of project.

When planning to setup project management office (PMO) one should cater to several key points:
  • The nature of the project. Is this for construction project management? Engineering project management?
  • What staffing is available for project management office data entry?
  • What budget does the project manager have available for PMO services and administration, project records, and overhead?
  • Who must have access to project management management office data?
  • Who will the project manager submit project management office data to?
  • How will project resources submit project management office data such as time, costs, budget requests, change order requests, and change order approvals?
...<< MORE >>

Construction Project Management - What Construction Project Managers Should Know

Construction project managers commonly considers who is managed to be resources working on a construction project. Although project management involves project resources such as employees, contractors, vendors, and materials suppliers, there are other elements on construction project management to be considered that are often overlooked. Virtually any party that impacts a construction project must be managed, in some way, and factored into the success of the project. Large construction project managers, for example, like hotel-resort casino construction projects, have an incredibly diverse number of audiences to report to that range from the investors, the general public, financial institutions, other construction managers, city planners, accountants, and financial auditors, to name a few. Why is this important? It helps a construction project manager understand how to track construction project data in a way that caters to each party without duplicating construction project reporting efforts. ...<< MORE >>

When to Implement or Upgrade Project Management Software

It is often the case where a project manager becomes ingrained in a set pattern of behaviors when managing a project, or when managing a business. Problems often lay lurking within basic project management practices that go unnoticed because they are not obvious. Depending on the size of the project, different levels of project controls should be implemented to ensure that basic project management practices remain smooth and cost efficient. One project management method
that worked well for a small scale project may be inefficient and costly when used for a project twice the size. That is why A1Enterprise designed online project management software to service companies and projects of various sizes. Before implementing our strong>online project management software, we like to understand the nature and scope of the project tracking as well as the project management staff  the customer has available for tracking project data. These types of conditions should also be considered when determining whether or not certain project process should be changed to better suit project management needs. ...<< MORE >>

How to Select Project Management Software for Your Business

Selecting the Best Project Management Software that caters to unique project requirements. When selecting a software to run a project or business, many buyers overlook key factors that ensure a successful project management software implementation. The purpose of this article is to provide business
owners and project  managers with insights on how to select the best project management software. ...<< MORE >>

Online Project Management Software as the Emphasis of the New A1 Enterprise Website

The design and release of the new A1 Enterprise company website has been under way since July 2008 and the primary focus of this website is to boost internet visibility for A1 Enterprise's online project management software, software integration services, custom software, and ScanTrust software security.

The website has far greater optimization than any prior website A1 Enterprise has yet published and we expect to see positive results in website rating improvements and sales over the next 6 months.
In this site A1 Enterprise gave a thorough introduction to one of our proprietary products, an occupational safety and injury reporting software that helps companies maintain OSHA and corporate safety compliance. A1 Enterprise will continue to fill in rel event web site content for the additional business software applications designed since 2001. These business software applications include custom asset management software, human resources software, workforce management software, risk management software including insurance-related tracking, content management software, event registration software, and organizational reporting software. ...<< MORE >>

Software Security: What You Should Know

Software vulnerability scanning and software threat assessment for business software applications are valuable assets and can expose software vulnerabilities to malicious or otherwise irresponsible behavior. Sometimes the software threats are due to nothing other than the providing publicly accessible information through a web page. This article demonstrates how A1 Enterprise ScanTrust software security helps organizations take pro-active steps to ensure that their software technology assets remain secure from vulnerabilities and malicious threat of software attack. ...<< MORE >>

Project Management Software - A1 Tracker Features and Benefits

A1 Tracker provides a foundation for tracking and maintaining project management software data online at the lowest level possible on a project. Best project management practices that ensure the most successful project involves two factors: accountability for human behavior and a tool from which to base sound decisions. A1 Tracker for project management assumes that a project manager or a business will take full advantage of the available project management software features and in doing so hold all project resources and contract parties accountable for tracking project requirements, tracking project time, and controlling project costs.
...<< MORE >>

Secure Websites and Intranets with Software Security by A1 Enterprise ScanTrust

What is ScanTrust?

ScanTrust is a software security service offered by A1 Enterprise that
ensures a customer Intranet or web site is secure and cannot be hacked.
Many customers ignore web application security until after data is stolen, deleted, or compromised in some way. The benefit of ScanTrust software security is that the service gives a customer an Inexpensive way to start doing business with A1 Enterprise without having to purchase a new software application. Once A1 Enterprise scans web sites and intranets and those scans come back showing the software is liable to be hacked, the customer is very likely to hire A1 Enterprise to resolve software security issues. This process is good for building work as well as strong customer relationships and has the customer's best interests at heart. ...<< MORE >>

Difference Between Project Management Software and Accounting Software

Accounting software handles financial & accounting records, balancing financial accounts, cutting payments, and running financial statements. The primary function of accounting software is accounting and book keeping. Accounting records are kept pristine and are limited to those qualified for managing accounting records, typically book keepers and financial management staff. There is, however, another process that takes place before costs hit the accounting software and that done using project management software. Project management software

is used to control work performed, manage employees, quality assurance,  budget approvals, invoice submittal, contract approval, document control, task approval, work orders, change orders, and of course task documentation.A1 Tracker is an on-line project management software with different modules that resolve the pre-accounting project management process. It tracks budgets and budget caps for work. For example, a project manager may want to run an on-line cost report to view cost data to find out how much money was spent on project requirements and estimating. Managers and assistants can be given access to their specific project location to monitor productivity without giving access to the accounting software. A1 Tracker is a web-based project management software giving access to, for example, costs per unit and number of units budgeted and used on the project and by each employee. This on-line cost data may then be imported, once approved and finalized, into an accounting software. The project management software process keeps the accounting software data clean and secure from additional users. ...<< MORE >>

Sushi Restaurant Website Awarded to A1 Enterprise

Congratulations to Miko's Izakaya, a local Las Vegas sushi restaurant who has recently opened for business. A1 Enterprise will be responsible for designing, implementing, hosting, and maintaining a competitive website for this new organization. Responsibilities of A1 Enterprise will include SEO, web marketing, routine competitive analysis, and ensuring content for the website, website blog, and restaurant menu remain accurate and current. ...<< MORE >>

Software Security by A1 Enterprise ScanTrust: Phase II Completed for Online Event Registration Software

A1 Enterprise, Inc. rolls out Phase II of a ScanTrust software security project for an Online Event Registration software. This
completes the process of enhancing code as it relates to web application security. The emphasis of this phase was to conduct penetration testing for the Online Registration software system for critical web vulnerabilities that might allow the web security threat of a hack to delete or alter company data. After penetration testing, A1 Enterprise updated code, functions, and technology
to prevent such internet hacks such as sql injection and cross site scripting.

A1 Enterprise completed Phase I implementation of ScanTrust software security in July. Phase I entailed updating the web-based content management CRM software for company news, events, registrations, customers, and memberships. This will complete the third ScanTrust software security implementation for A1 Enterprise since January 2007. ...<< MORE >>

Contract Management Software | Agreement Tracking Software | Contract Renewal Software | Contract Tracking Software

A1 Enterprise, Inc. has deployed an online contract management software for a Southern California city for online contract management and agreement renewal tracking. Project managers, risk managers, and contract administrators may now track contract agreement documents and contract expiration renewals  in a shared, online contract management system.

This contract management tracking software is highly flexible and offers online access to contract agreements such as prime contracts and multiple sub contract agreements. The system accommodates a multiple contract hierarchy where contracts and sub contract agreements may be organized in a hierarchical order of priority by vendor, contract type, or contract key words. Users may also upload and share contract agreements and contract addendums from multiple locations and run reports to track contract agreement costs, contract renewal dates, and contract expiration dates. ...<< MORE >>

Project Management Software for Commercial Construction Project for F & F L.L.C.

A1 Enterprise extends a warm welcome to F & F LLC, a CA based commercial real estate development and investment firm that has opted to use  A1 Tracker for construction project management software for construction management, construction cost control, online document control, construction resource management, and construction data processing. F & F LLC is currently building an 18 million dollar shopping center called Victoria Promenade which includes approximately 1.3 million square feet of retail (Phase 1) and office space, 14 acres of peripheral (out-lot) retail area, and 20 acres of multi-family housing. The project's location is Northwest quadrant of US Interstate Highway 15 and Foothill Boulevard/Route 66 right in the middle of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. ...<< MORE >>

A1 Enterprise Green Business Services Testimonial

In order for a company to provide Green Business Services to other companies, it must first maximize it's own operational costs and operational efficiency. A strong green business operating model has many facets including use of  productive time, optimizing human resource utilization, optimizing usage of office supplies, and business equipment among other things.

My objective with A1 Enterprise has always been and still is to evolve the company into the highest and most efficient operational model possible and to utilize time and money in a manner that yields the greatest results with the lowest operating cost without sacrificing quality or the ability to collaborate. In fact, I have through the years only sought ways to improve team collaboration while researching and testing new means of a Green Business operation.

I embarked on a conceptual idea for A1 Enterprise back in 2001, when I setup a garage-network with a 384k DSL circuit to feed our programmers with the necessary business collaboration software and network tools to provide our business software products and business services. The reduced overhead costs of hosting all network services and our network infrastructure in a garage kept our billing rates lower than that of our competition and enabled me to reinvest in other facets of A1 Enterprise, such as our own Saas (Software-as-a-Service) signature product, A1 Tracker.
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Green Business Services and Green Business Ideas by A1 Enterprise

A1 Enterprise now provides a new program called Green Business Services which encompasses everything it takes for a business to Go Green and Go Paperless. A1 Enterprise has been a Green Business since inception in 2001, never once holding an office and relying on electronic means of all business activity, other than face to face communication with customers.

A1 Enterprise Green Business Services will help companies setup telecommuting environments while ensuring that employees and staff have secure access to the necessary company data. This includes employees that spend most of their time traveling too.

A1 Enterprise Green Business Services will help companies eliminate fax machines, ink toner, and printers thereby reducing paper faxes and paper mail through the use of electronic fax, fax routing, and electronic signatures. Paperless business is a reality at A1 Enterprise.
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Online Project Management Software - Online Time Cards - Online Cost Control

The evolution of project management practices and project management software has yet to recognize the true benefits that project management software brings to a project. Project management software relies on much, much more than utilizing good software. Software is one key component to run successful projects among many others including what sorts of peripheral business software is used, and if that peripheral business software has software integration with the project management software. Such peripheral business software includes payroll software, tax software, and accounting software to name a few.

In addition to technology, there is a frequently missed and highly critical element needed in running a successful project. At A1 Enterprise, we have studied this element in depth over the years of project management software development and software releases. This is the psychological element of how people in business use software and if users apply the software to run a business with the highest level of efficiency possible.

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Project Management & Business Software Blog by A1 Enterprise

This is a place where A1 Enterprise releases news articles related to A1 Enterprise products and services, company news, business management practices, effective project management information, and information for companies seeking to improve a business model to align their own goals and strategic objectives. ...<< MORE >>